3 Important Factors of Property Maintenance – Experience, Trust & Expense

Property maintenance issues do arise and occasionally at the worst times, if you’re not careful in selecting the right property management company this important service can be overlooked. Maintenance issues can be time consuming, expensive and (in some cases) a nightmare.

Ensuring you have a dependable and reliable maintenance team in place is critical. Our experienced staff of professionals know how to assist when trouble arises, for example a recent tenant had some frozen pipes issues and we were right there ready to assist-

“The good news is that by the end of the day, no pipes had burst, my heater was fixed and everyone had water back in their unit. Just wanted to again thank Mark for all of his assistance and cooperation with this very stressful situation!"

Let’s take a deeper look into some key issues:

  • Experience – Asking the right questions: What types of repairs has your team done? How would your team handle this situation? What can I expect for pricing when repairs like this come up? Good answers to these questions by an experienced property management team will give you peace of mind that you can trust them with your maintenance needs.
  • Trust – Nobody likes to feel that their needs aren’t been addressed. Your tenants expect that when they have issues they will be handled in a timely and professional manner. Finding a property management company that has built a “trusted network” of service professionals will go a long way.
  • Expense – Costs associated with maintenance repairs can be very expensive. Especially if they don’t have trained staff internally to handle multiple issues. Look for property management companies that offer “up front” pricing with a going rate for services. They shouldn’t be in the business to make money off your repairs, so be on the lookout for material mark ups.

For more information on any of these responsibilities or questions please feel free to reach out to client support specialist at 801.278.5060 and we’d be happy to help.

Western Management Associates - Exceeding Clients Expectations for 35+ Years

When you’ve been in business for more than 35+ years you learn a few things. Here at Western Management Associates, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service backed by experienced professionals. Our dedicated staff have gained the trust of hundreds of clients over the years.

One thing is clear, requesting a proposal for property management services shouldn’t be difficult especially if you have a couple of questions in mind that can help give you clarity. Let’s take a look at some of the key questions you should ask:

  1. What service(s) do I really need? Whether it’s HOA, commercial, or maintenance services you’re looking for a company that has extensive experience dealing with issues that are most important to you. Have this in mind when you submit your request for information as you want to ask as many detailed questions about the service(s) you have in mind. In regards to potential costs, timing, challenges etc.
  2. Is this service their strong suite, or are they checking the box?  When you go online and review their services, do you feel they have the expertise to handle what you need? Ask for references that you can call or testimonials of clients that have similar needs as you. A lack of good information or clarity on your potential service needs should be a red flag or prompt you to dig a little deeper to find out.
  3. If I’m your ideal customer, why would I choose your company over the competitors? Each company should be able to highlight to you quickly what their value proposition is over their competitors. It could be “low price” or “30+ years of experience” or the “Best maintenance staff in area to handle any need at any hour”. No matter the response, every (good) company is in business because of these reasons and it should give you peace of mind when making a final decision. Plus you can and should hold them to this promise.

Get started today, now that you have some questions in mind.

For more information on any of these responsibilities or questions please feel free to reach out to client support specialist at 801.278.5060 and we’d be happy to help.

Let Us Manage Your HOA – Top Issues Handled Right

Worried about how your HOA is being run? You’re not alone. A recent survey of home owners found that most of them have a negative or challenging view of their association as a whole. This could be the result in a lack of trust in handling issues, higher costs due to projects and maintenance, or issues not handled in a timely manner.

First off its ok to recognize when you’re in over your head, it may be time to let a professional management company assist. There are many things to consider when choosing a property management company to handle your HOA needs. Most importantly you are looking for company that has a proven track record of doing the following:

  • Being responsive with day-to-day issues (read reviews)
    Addressing all the calls and concerns that will arise in a timely manner is imperative. You’ve got to be able to trust that when situations arise they will need very little oversight and will work with the owners to fix a problem.
  • Proven experience in board management, including guidance in decision making
    They should be knowledgeable in understanding expenses, compliances, collections, title and mortgage companies, service contracts, and rules and regulations of community management. You shouldn’t be looking for a company that is learning as they go, this can be costly.
  • Anticipating future needs and coordination planning
    When managing an HOA they should not only be focused on current needs, but able to provide you with a capital improvement plan to project upcoming maintenance and replacement issues. This will help you plan for upcoming expenses and be prepared to coordinate resources.

Selecting the right property management company (the first time) can save you time and money, so do your due diligence and research to ensure you get the best results for your current HOA needs. Have questions? Call us at 801.278.5060.

Choosing the Right Property Management Company for your HOA Board

Board members of any HOA know how difficult it can be to keep up with the day-to-day oversight and management services involved in running an HOA. From emergency tenant needs to complete compliance of all the bylaw regulations and meetings – It’s a lot, and many boards are now looking for an experienced provider to help manage the whole process. My advice: Don’t go it alone.

Western Management Associates has 35+ years’ experience in coming in and helping boards do the following:

  • Managing HOA Board meetings and scheduling
  • Compliance with all bylaws of HOA
  • Property inspections, late notices, collection services
  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Monthly: Financial statements, meetings, newsletters, reports
  • Revenue: Collection, association operating expenses, capital improvement, budgeting
  • Coordination: Employee and vendor services, buying and selling of units

Choosing the right property management company to manage your HOA responsibilities is critical because you want to ensure they are experienced in handling multiple issues and have your best interests in mind. To learn more about our HOA services, please visit here or give us a call at 801.278.5060.

Do I Really Need A Property Management Service Company? Know the benefits.

If you’re asking yourself that question the likely answer is “Yes”. Why you ask? Well, one of the many reasons people seek out property management assistance is they want to rely on the knowledge of experts who specialize in developments, regulations, HOA and real estate. Rather than try to navigate this complex process on their own. Good choice…save yourself the time and headaches!

If you’re looking for a property management company to assist you in operation, control or oversight of real estate then you probably have a good idea what you need or are looking for. Even though the benefits of property management can vary by company, here are just some of the many benefits you should expect:

  • One point of contact to handle all of your real estate needs
    From lawn care and maintenance to full screening of potential tenants, property managers ensure that special attention is given to their clients pressing needs. Nobody has time to deal with all the issues that (can and will) arise, unless they expect to quit their full time job. With one point of contact you have accountability and confidence that your affairs will be handled efficiently.
  • Expertise and knowledge across a wide range of real estate issues
    Having all the proper real estate licenses and accreditation's is just the start, a property management companies “real value” is the knowledge they possess. From current listing prices on properties for sale to local relevant issues facing an HOA board, this insight is critical for helping you make good decisions.
  • Flexibility and wiliness to adjust services and resources
    There is no “cookie cutter” product that property managers can just repurpose for each client. Every situation is different and requires different resources to accommodate for unique circumstances. Working with a flexible property manager who meets your expectations and keeps you informed will be invaluable.

The experts at Western Management Associates have more than 35+ years of experience helping educate clients on investing, compliance, HOA and more. Give us a call today 801.278.5060 and let us help you.