Rent Collection: How Property Management Saves You Time

Finding the right tenant in and of itself can be challenging, however ensuring that your rent is collected (on time) and every month can be a time consuming and an arduous process. Most tenants have the best of intentions when it comes to payment, however life gets in the way and the struggle for payment and headaches begin.

If you’re an owner and are considering a property management solution to assist you in rent collection, screening and or inspections, you should keep these time-saving Western Management Associates services in mind.

  • Credit, Income, and Criminal Screening & Checks – Finding tenants who will pay rent on a timely basis and take good care of your property is a top priority for you and us. No one can guarantee a perfect tenant; however a rigorous screening process ensures that red flags are caught early and avoided.

  • Routine Inspections – Property inspections are very time consuming, but a critical part of the process. When issues arise, you’re informed and updated. All client properties are inspected on a regular basis by qualified management representatives to ensure the property is well maintained and taken care of.

  • Rent Collections – Tracking, monitoring, and ensuring tenants make payments on a monthly basis is paramount. When collection notices are disregarded, we handle all the issues so you don’t have to. Leave the collection headaches and challenges to the professionals.