Understanding Property Management Reviews

Before most of us make a big purchase or even if we aren’t sure and want to get clarity before making a final choice, we read online reviews. At times they can be very helpful offering insights into things we wouldn’t even consider especially when it comes to property.

For example, “This property is well maintained and has excellent features, but it’s also close enough to some train tracks and often times at night it will wake you up as it comes through”. That would be good to know right? Well unless you do your due diligence you may not know that. On the other hand it’s also true that unhappy people (who love to complain) can drag down ratings and offer a skewed view of reality.

Here are a few things you should consider while reading reviews to help you sort out the fact from fiction:

  • Overall review track record – If you see consistent issues brought up in many of the reviews from different individuals then the issue probably has some merit to it and you should ask the property management about it directly. On the other hand if a company has a mostly stellar record and then you see one review that is way off in left field you should take that with a grain of salt.
  •  Use different sites to compare – Sounds obvious right; well most people don’t take the time to pick a couple different sites to cross compare. The more feedback from different sources the more confident you should feel in your final decision.
  • Do your homework: Visit the property in advance, at different times of day – Why you ask? Well a perceived quiet apartment complex or neighborhood can be quite different at various times. Traffic, noise, and neighbors observed at the evening time when everyone is home could be a different story.

These tips are just scratching the surface, but the theme is consistent. Make sure and take the time (before you sign a lease, or invest in a property) to research your options.