Tips for Protecting Your Property Through the Winter

Taking the time to winterize your property can go a long way in protecting it from the elements. Most of the tips we’ll discuss aren’t expensive or time consuming, but pay off months down the road. You may say “It’s too late; it’s been snowing now for months!” Well that may be true, but that still doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference. So give it a try.

Whether it’s a condo, home, or office building these tips still apply:

  • Exterior & Windows – Check for leaks, creaks or drafts from windows and doors. When rain, sleet, or snow pile up on these issues it’s too late. By applying some sealant or replacing some caulking (usually around $6). Also by cleaning out rain gutters you can avoid piles of debris causing issues with ice and snow later.
  • Roofing & Attic – Did you notice that water spot a couple months ago and thought, oh that’s not a big deal it didn’t get bigger right? Well ice and snow packed on top of those issues can make it worse. A thorough inspection of the roof and proper insulation in the attic can ensure you’re ready for freezing temperatures.
  • Monitor Water/Shut off exterior – Sounds obvious, but in fact turning off water that may be leaking can save your pipes from bursting. Sprinkler lines should be drained and emptied and hoses should be checked for leaks.  

Don’t wait too long to do these simple tips, you’ll save yourself money in the long run especially in repair fees, mechanical failures and at the very least avoid the pain that comes with upset home owners and residents.