Need a Proposal for Property Management Services? – Questions you should ask

In today’s world we spend more time researching online and doing our own homework before we would ever consider picking up the phone or reaching out. Why? Well it could be a number of factors including a lack of genuine trust, or the desire for us to figure it out ourselves, or maybe the need to feel good about our decision first, and then get confirmation when we are about to procure services from a company.

Either way one thing is clear, requesting a proposal for property management services shouldn’t be difficult especially if you have a couple of questions in mind that can help give you clarity. Let’s take a look at some of the key questions you should ask:

  1. What service(s) do I really need? Whether it’s HOA, commercial, or maintenance services you’re looking for a company that has extensive experience dealing with issues that are most important to you. Have this in mind when you submit your request for information as you want to ask as many detailed questions about the service(s) you have in mind. In regards to potential costs, timing, challenges etc.
  2. Is this service their strong suite, or are they checking the box?  When you go online and review their services, do you feel they have the expertise to handle what you need? Ask for references that you can call or testimonials of clients that have similar needs as you. A lack of good information or clarity on your potential service needs should be a red flag or prompt you to dig a little deeper to find out.
  3. If I’m your ideal customer, why would I choose your company over the competitors? Each company should be able to highlight to you quickly what their value proposition is over their competitors. It could be “low price” or “30+ years of experience” or the “Best maintenance staff in area to handle any need at any hour”. No matter the response, every (good) company is in business because of these reasons and it should give you peace of mind when making a final decision. Plus you can and should hold them to this promise.

Get started today, now that you have some questions in mind.