Is Your Property in Good Hands? The 2 A.M. Call Nobody Wants

By now most of us are probably pretty familiar with Murphy’s Law… “If something can go wrong it will” and usually at the worst time! This definitely applies to your property (unforeseen maintenance emergencies and rent collection) and maybe even your tenants (broken air conditioning and HOA compliance) situations that usually arise when you least expect it.

These kind of issues can cause enormous amounts of stress, anxiety and sleepless nights. Nobody is a fan of these situations, but there are a few ways you can have peace of mind. Here are a couple tips for making sure your property is in good hands.

  • Hire a Property Management Company with Experience – This is listed first because it’s the most critical. When choosing a firm you need a team of professionals you can trust with years of experience handling issues that will and do arise. Western Management Associates has more than 35 years’ experience with a 24 hour maintenance team dedicated to helping you. That’s peace of mind.
  • Fix and Detect Problems Before they Become Major Issues – The difference between service and real customer support couldn’t be more clear. If you working with a property management firm and they fix only what’s broke and don’t assess situations for the future then you need to make a change. A $10 problem not addressed soon becomes a $1,000 bill with an angry tenant. Problems detected & corrected early by routine inspections are they key.
  • Create a Checklist of Pain Points and Address them with Management – Deciding what’s important to you will give you clarity on the types of services you are looking for and if the property management company is a good fit. For example with Western Property Management you might ask:

a.     Reliable when it comes to maintenance issues? 24-hour emergency response with a network of vendors ready to assist, check.

b.    Able to handle a conflict with a tenant on rent? Regularly enforce collection policy, check.

c.     Know the HOA rules and handle situations when they arise? Attend regularly scheduled HOA board meetings and in compliance with bylaws of HOA, check.

d.    Help me with unforeseen issues? Vast knowledge center with insights on real estate, HOA, developers, leasing, sales etc. Rely on our expertise so you can relax, check.