Lessons Learned - 35 years of Asset Management Experience

Western Management Associates have been serving the Wasatch Front (Salt Lake/Utah/Davis/Weber) counties for more than 35 years. Staying in business that long wouldn’t be possible without the support of amazing clients and a dedicated staff. It’s a long term partnership that has brought value to all involved including owners, tenants and associations looking for guidance.

With experience come opportunities for growth and learning lessons for all involved. If you’re looking into a property management service, but are still on the fence then consider these tips.

  • Don’t try and do too much, trust the experts – It’s their job and they’re good at it
    Many owners are in over their heads, it’s ok to say you are to. That is why companies like Western Management Associates exist to provide expert advice, take the anxiety and confusion and replace it with assurance and confidence.  Let professionals handle your issues in a timely and efficient manner. We value your property as much as you do, and will keep open lines of communication to educate and inform you of any upcoming issues should they arise.
  • Get up front and transparent pricing for your services
    When you have nothing to hide (fees, rate hikes etc.) it’s a beautiful thing. When clients shop around to different property management companies looking for the cheapest price (not a bad thing of course), but know that those lower prices ALWAYS come with cost. Whether it’s a lack of supervision on a property or unexpected back end fees, be cautious and get full clarity before you sign an agreement.
  •  Experience & resources are the difference
    Trust is earned and that comes from successfully handling thousands of issues over the course of many years. Every client should expect a dedicated plan developed by a professional and supported by expert resources. From running an HOA board, fixing a plumbing issue at 2am, getting advice on a property, to collecting rent from tenants - each issue is unique and requires a team of professionals.  Ask yourself, “Does this company have the experience and resources to give me peace of mind?” If no, then quickly move on.