Need Help? Property Management Programs Tailored to Your Needs

Finding the right property management company can be challenging, here at Western Management Associates we pride ourselves on clarity and creating value for our customers. Our goal is to ensure each client finds comfort and assurance in the service programs they select. This is done by eliminating owner anxiety and building good will with our owners, tenants and communities.

We offer three key areas of service and each can be tailored to fit your specific needs:

  1. Property Operations/Owner Services – We manage all aspects of the operations and owner services. Our dedicated staff has experience in managing hundreds of properties across the state; each one is handled in an efficient and professional manner.
  2.  Financial Services – We manage the most up-to-date financial and accounting software available, backed by certified staff members who oversee vital information. By generating owner reports and documents monthly, you’ll be kept up to speed on your “financial pulse” on a moment’s notice.
  3. Owner Communication and Education – We keep owners and tenants apprised of any situations that arise that could affect their ownership or occupancy, not just in emergencies. New real estate laws or changes in the community can have a direct impact to your property. Knowing these things in advance will help you to make informed decisions and plan ahead.

As one of the oldest local asset managing brokerages in the area, our well trained team has more than 30 years of experience providing “clarity” and “value”, but don’t take our word for it. Chase Hansen a current customer of ours said it best:

“Western Management has managed my property for several years. I have found their services to be very beneficial. When I first started off in owning commercial property I had no idea what I was doing. Richard Harman (principle broker) came along and turned my property into a thriving and profitable business. His staff is friendly and experienced in property management and finance."