Your Stories - HOA, Maintenance, and Property Management Customers Share Feedback

Here at Western Property Management we take your feedback very seriously and that does mean (all) feedback, it gives us the opportunity to constantly improve and find better ways to serve you. And if you’re looking for real stories from real customers of ours – look no further.

For more than 35 years we’ve been fine tuning our service options to ensure your needs are top priority.   The three customers below each had different needs, but you’ll notice a theme throughout and it’s - Trust, Commitment, and Knowledge from our dedicated staff – That is our difference.

  • Chase Hansen, Commercial Property Management - "Western Management has managed my property for several years. I have found their services to be very beneficial. When I first started off in owning commercial property I had no idea what I was doing. Richard Harman (principle broker) came along and turned my property into a thriving and profitable business. His staff is friendly and experienced in property management and finance."

  • Coldwell Banker Broker, HOA - "You have the best staff ever! I cannot remember her name but she is not like other HOA folks that I've dealt with. She was very helpful and she was very professional. I wanted to let you know that :)"

  • Community Member, Maintenance - "I just wanted to drop a line and thank Mark of Western Management for his invaluable assistance over the New Year holiday. My condo is vacant and for sale and the blower on the heater went out last Wednesday (New Year’s Eve!). Fortunately, I was able to get someone out on Friday and the blower motor was replaced and we go the heat back on around4pm. In the meantime, Mark was running around and attempting to find the main line for the water, he then cut a couple holes in my wall and put space heater and hair dryer into these holes to start thawing out the pipes. Well, the good news is that by the end of the day, no pipes had burst, my heater was fixed and everyone had water back in their unit. Just wanted to again thank Mark for all of his assistance and cooperation with this very stressful situation!!!!"