Finding a Property Management Company– Are you Asking the Right Questions?

When looking for the right property management provider you should be asking yourself a couple simple questions that help determine fit, ability and expertise of the provider. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  1. Where are they located and how long have they been in the area? The location of the provider determines the ability to service your property especially if it’s within a decent (15-20 miles) radius in case of emergency fixes or issues. Also how can you expect a company to give you property advice in an area they don’t know anything about? They can’t.  Many customers choose Western Management Associates because of their ability to service Utah, Davis, and Weber counties and surrounding areas.

  2. How long have they been in business and what issues have they dealt with? Every good company starts out new (nothing wrong with that) however do you really want your property as the “training” for getting it right? I don’t and neither should you. Experience matters especially when it comes to asset management, leasing, real estate sales and development. Also ask for some examples of issues that have arisen in property likes yours and ask them how they handled it with references listed.
  3. What vendors or associations do they rely on and work with on a daily basis? Weird question right? Well not so much. Many of the property management teams companies are small and use other “firms” to handle issues they aren’t experts at. Nothing wrong with this approach of course, but in essence this means they are also an extension of the company itself.  Make sure those companies are also trustworthy, reliable and able to assist.