HOA & Property Management – Get Experienced Help and Advice

Finding the “right” partner to help manage your community is vital not only to the HOA board, but also to the residents as well. Whether you are tasked with looking for a replacement of a previous management company or hiring a property management company for the first time, there are some important needs to consider.

There are a number of advantages/reasons why hiring a professional property management team makes sense:

  • Your HOA board is spending too much time on issues you have no experience handling
  • Looking for an expert team to handle day-to-day operations & optimize the process
  • Gain a better understanding of comprehensive policies and rules for homeowners
  • Need outside firm's helping to maintain curb appeal, improve quality of life and add to the property values

However, not all property management companies are created equal. Some list HOA management as part of their services, but really have no idea. On the other hand, the experts at Western Property Management have more than 35 years of experience dealing with HOA matters from compliance and financing to collections and emergency services. Click here to see a full list of HOA offerings.

Asking the right questions is also a critical component of determining the right choice for your HOA board. Here are a couple questions to keep in mind.

1.     Does the Property Management Company Services – Fit your needs? 
Are the services they provide comprehensive and fit into your budget? Are they capable of enforcing the community policies and regulations?

2.     Maintaining the Property – What happens when issues arise? 
What is their response time? How many issues have they dealt with in the past? If they don’t handle some issues, what vendors do they use and will they be vetted first?

3.     HOA Management Experience – Depth of knowledge
What kind of professional experience do they have in working with HOA boards? Does their staff have the proper credentials to handle issues that will arise? How many certified account, financial and maintenance managers are available?

Getting answers to these various questions will give you peace of mind as you begin your vetting process. Should you have additional questions regarding HOA property management please feel free to call 1.801.278.5060 and our experienced team will be happy to assist.