HOA & Real Estate Investment Services – New Year, Different Result

As the New Year begins to take shape it’s important to ensure you’re HOA & Real Estate needs are being met. Many clients have come to us with similar issues all looking for assistance. Here are just a few of the concerns they have and some suggestions to consider.

Finding the right property management company is a pain, there are so many and each seems to offer very similar services, how can I be sure to choose the right one?”

You’re right it can be difficult to determine which company to choose when some of the same services are listed across competing companies. However there is a way to eliminate some of those choices and settle on the best one.

  • 1st – Experience – Go ahead and eliminate a few of those options because they don’t have the years of experience and knowledge to give you peace of mind.
  • 2nd – Resources – It’s not that you must have a large firm or that they are somehow better than smaller firms, but you should know that they have the resources to assist.
  • 3rd – References – Do your research and ask them to provide a list of clients they deal with that have had issues similar to yours and give them a good recommendation. Dig a little deeper and you will be happy you did.

I need to expand my real estate portfolio in the area and I’m have difficulty with my strategy, where can you help?”

Western Management Associates has over 30+ years’ experience in helping the Wasatch Front. Our research, data and insights have helped clients for years settle on choosing the right property location, operation and unit that fits their profile.  We take out the guess work and give you actual findings you can trust. Also every option can be tailored to your needs based on your budget and expected ROI.

“Honestly our HOA board is a mess! We need to make sure we are compliant with all the regulations and still manage the day to day issues that arise, what can you do help?

Don’t go at it alone, you don’t have to suffer. We have years of experience helping HOA boards function from operation needs to finance and maintenance. Let’s us come in and assess your situation and give you options that fit your budget. We can save you a lot of time from compliance bylaws to collection of revenue, this is why experience matters when it comes to property management.