Key Responsibilities for Property Management Providers – Expectations & Professionalism

One of the many reason hundreds of clients have chosen Western Management Associates over the last 35+ years is their professionalism and client support. That comes with years of experience knowing how to help each client by tailoring our services to fit their “individual” needs.

We do that by educating our clients on key responsibilities and expectations that any property management provider should provide. Here are some of the basics and should be a good starting place as you begin:

(1)   Understanding Fiduciary Responsibilities – This means they hold a legal or ethical relationship of trust with you in regards to your assets, funds, investments etc. This relationship should be built on confidence and reliance over a period of time. When it comes to property management association responsibilities they should play the role of agent, meaning they are acting in the best interested of the association. This is different from a contractor role where there is no fiduciary responsibility and different expectations.

(2)   Advisor Expectations – Advisors should be well versed in local and state laws that affect real estate, communities, boards etc. thus helping you make informed decisions.  When acting as a managing agent, they should provide advice on how to handle board issues and alert board members when situations arise that could be troublesome.

(3)   Conduct Business with Professionalism – This should go without saying, but your provider should be credentialed and in good standing with the Department of Commerce Division of Real Estate for the state in which you live. Your professional adviser should also be conduct themselves in a professional manner in appearance, demeanor, and attitude.

For more information on any of these responsibilities or questions please feel free to reach out to client support specialist at 801.278.5060 and we’d be happy to help.